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I just spent the best weekend with dear friend and mentor, Jesse Itzler, joined by my daughter Nicolette and about 50 ass-kicking woman who were hell-bent on changing their lives for the better.

I had actually just signed up for one day - to give one speech, but the group was so solid that we ended up blowing it out for 3 full days surrounded by plenty of warm sunshine and each night was filled with good music.

The weekend was also stuffed with learning for everyone but I think that my little girl got the most out of it, she pushed herself on the rope course, we rode scooters on the skate ramps, she caught her first fish (catfish), bunked with the ladies after conquering the adult endurance challenge and then, of course, we danced the night away with a live music (FLOSS?, YEP! Again. 

It was simply magical - being in nature with such leaders of thought and business. #GirlPower on full display!

The ropes course is a powerful mindset exercise that removes fear and opens up trust in other people. I have done a lot of extreme activities and fear is always present but this course puts that fear right in your face and it's very hard to focus in such a state. Don’t believe me, watch my legs shake!

Completing exercises and events like this are what take you to the next level and give you that added confidence. Moments like this weekend of accomplishments boost the spirit with energy and make other fears much easier to conquer.

As you know I am totally into nature and what mother earth can do for us all, which led me last week to a wonderful afternoon with life and health guru, Rich Roll and his awesome podcast about living green and conquering life. I urge you to listen and chill out.  

My body was super sore after the weekend endurance challenge which led me to the steam room and of course, the chiropractor (Did you know that I broke my back when I was a kid?) I am seeing Dennis who I spoke about in the Rich Roll podcast, the man who fixed my back and also the man who told me I was a wimp for complaining about the back pain; for real, he said that. A lot of folks asked about his contact info since back pain is very common - so here it is: Peak Wellness

I have been watching a lot of TedTalks’ lately and this one from Wendy Suzuki, really fired up our team, her research and ideas on how exercise affects the brain and the brain cells are very exciting and supports what I have experienced in martial arts, a mind-body connection that creates personal growth. I highly recommend you watch her presentation.

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P.S. What’s your Mantra? Life mission/story?

Here's mine: 

Live - exercise daily/more, create space for basketball each day with daughter, reconnect with old athlete friends and make some new ones, learn more about mind/body connection, keep breathing.

Love - tell mom that I love her more often, meet more family members, take time to speak with neighbors and learn more about their families, join neighborhood watch, volunteer in a community

Legend - build homes in Mexico, create TV show with a tribe, finish mental health film for the world

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