My Life So far...

My name is Frank Shamrock and I was born Frank Alicio Juarez III on December 8, 1972 at the UCLA Medical Center in Westwood, California.

Brought up in a broken family, my early life was filled with violence, poverty and trouble. I became a ward of the State of California at the age of 12 and a prison inmate at 18. By the age of 22, my name was known around the world as a champion.

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As a fighter in a sport that started bare-knuckled with limited rules and no weight classes, I earned the nickname, "The Legend." A pioneer of modern combat sports I became the world's first UFC Middleweight Champion, the first Mexican American MMA Champion and left the UFC as the four-time undefeated champion following an epic four round battle with the sports' bad boy, Tito Ortiz.

During my tenure in the cage I secured four world titles and set two world records for the fastest championship victories in history - defeating one contender in 14 seconds and another in 20 seconds.

I am widely considered the first complete mixed marital arts fighter and will always credit martial arts for having saved my life. I also retired (the first time) at the top of my game after going undefeated in the UFC - just to get out of my contract and became the sport's first free agent. This created a chance to promote legendary fights that helped make MMA a growing and respected sport. As the sport's first athlete-turned-professional-commentator, I have been widely credited with advancing the sport to broadcast television.

In 2006 I won the first-ever sanctioned MMA fight in California, knocking out family rival Cesar Gracie and set a North American attendance record of 18,265 seats in my hometown of San Jose.

I went on to co-promote highly-rated bouts on Showtime Networks and in 2009, my MMA expertise went multimedia, with the publication of the book Mixed Martial Arts For Dummies.

Always an advocate for this amazing sport, I was blessed to be chosen as the first athlete/champion spokesman for the UFC and Strikeforce brands. I proudly testified in front of athletic commissions, cable companies and the state senates on both American coasts in efforts to further athlete protection and regulation.

In 2011 after 16 years of professional combat, I retired in the Showtime cage and turned my efforts to promoting our startup, Strikeforce, the hottest MMA brand on the rise. Within a few years our biggest competitor, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), acquired Strikeforce for a whopping $34 million dollars. With highly rated fights on Showtime, a television and film career, and repeated TV commentating appearances on CBS's "Saturday Night Fights," I had become a sports celebrity.

My untold story was revealed for the first time in the documentary: Bound By Blood which you can watch for free by clicking here.


Today, I live in Southern California with family; wife Amy, son Frankie and daughter Nicolette, born in 2008.

I love electronics, physical challenges, hiking outdoors, am an avid reader, love to sing, dance, wrestle, and watch movies with my family.

Most of all, I like the fact that I don't have to go to work in a steel cage anymore.

Although I'm no longer fighting, I am actively involved in my charity, the Shamrock Way organization, speaking on stages around the world to inspire athletes, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, high performers and doing executive coaching at companies such as Google with a developed a new curriculum based on the Warriors Code.

My Vision

I believe that every human spirit should be encouraged to achieve personal excellence in all areas of their life.


This is a life-long process that can be best compared to learning a marital art or other art form. At first you are nervous and unsure of what is unknown, your mind and body totally disconnected from the joy of applying the technique. But as you practice and study you learn to relax and the technique that you were so scared of is now easier than ever and fun. Eventually that scary technique will become so easy that you will do it without thought or concern and it will become part of your body's memory.

Striving for personal excellence only requires that you try to improve something of importance in a small or measured amount each day - until the goal or change is complete. I first learned this principle as a marital arts concept and later, was re-introduced to the idea in business management training as "Kaizen", small incremental improvements to anything, until it's the best that "IT" can be.

No matter the circumstance or opportunity, each and every human spirit should be encouraged to achieve personal excellence.

This is what we call the Shamrock Way.

Are you living your dreams of health, wealth and happiness?

Career Highlights


  • 1st UFC Middleweight Champion

    • Retired Undefeated in UFC

  • 1st WEC Light Heavyweight Champion

  • 1st Strikeforce Middleweight Champion


  • Launched WEC (World Extreme Cagefighting) on PayPerView - Acquired by UFC

  • Launched EliteXC on CBS - Spokesman, Broadcaster & Business Consultant - 1st to Primetime Network Television

  • Launched Strikeforce MMA - 1st to Premium cable

  • Launched VAS into Footlocker Australia with national media tour

  • Produced “BiPolar RocknRoller” for Showtime Networks

Consulting / Advisory

  • UFC Brand Consultant & Exec Coach

  • Strikeforce Spokesman & Biz Consultant

  • Zico Beverages Brand Ambassador

  • Advised on over 4.5billion in assets


  • Only athlete in the history of recorded sports to win back-to-back world championship in less than a minute

  • Only athlete in sports history to win every major league title in MMA

  • Holds North American Live attendance record of 18,265 - set on 2/10/06

True LEgend

  • 1st complete MMA fighter

  • 1st Athlete Spokesman for UFC

  • 1st Athlete League Owner

  • 1st Network Sports Broadcaster for MMA


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Frank Shamrock, Inc. is an asset management and entrepreneurial company that develop brands and businesses for entertainers.

Founded in 2006, the organizations’ focus is marketing, film and television production, asset retention and talent management.  

We maintain strategic partnerships with many of the world's leading entertainment brands in order to reach our goals.

Companies around the globe have recognized the reputation Frank Shamrock, Inc. has for delivering exceptional value and are integrating our proprietary management and leadership programs into their process of business to develop the corporate leaders of tomorrow. 

Frank Shamrock Inc. builds brands that last a lifetime! 

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