Why I went back to prison...

It’s rare that I run into successful ex cons who have exited prison and created a new life or career after doing time. The process of relearning how hustle and make money honestly is a real challenge. About 77% of these men and woman will end up back in prison for another offense. Those are not good odds :(

I was invited to Avenal State Prison last month to try and negotiate peace between some of the participants in a large riot. Odd way to spend a Sunday but it felt like the right thing to do and that was speak to the community and try to use my story to help bring about some peace conversations. I got to speak and hang out in the prison for 12 hours, making a big impact on those who attended the peace session.

We could not find peace in that day but I reconnected with the incarcerated community in California and think that our charity could help with some entrepreneur programs that would give hope to these disadvantaged people.

I also wanted to feel the energy in prison again now that its so far from my fingers. It felt sad and lonely in there and I remember how badly that sucked. I am going to take that energy and write a speak called, “ How to escape prison”.

I will meet with our charity board and update.

Crazy life, thanks for sharing it with me.