24 Years Ago I walked out of Folsom Prison


Would you believe that 24 years ago to this day (4/4/1994) I walked out of Folsom Prison determined to become a champion and transform myself into a winner in life. What a journey!

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If you haven’t already seen the journey, I invite you to watch it by going to http://FrankShamrock.com/doc

And it’s days like this that make me really grateful for the path and where it’s led me.

For instance…

Life has been good this year, colder than I hoped for Southern California but with the chilly nights we did get a ton of rain and lots of green grass turning the valley into awesome Shamrock colored hills.

Super relaxing to see as you drive around our little town. And the hiking (Instapics) !! Just being in nature has such a calming effect on the brain, especially for the kids and its where I am getting some of my best meditations.

My youngest started basketball season and she is the smallest and youngest on the entire team so we are working a footwork and ball control since she can slip between the larger players and get open.

She struggled with confidence (lots of tears and pep talk from mom) at the start of practice after seeing that every player was a head or more taller but she has a good coach and was dancing the FLOSS? by the first quarter of the game that our team won in the final minutes! I know nothing about basketball but have committed (And my wife, although she yet to join us) to working on the basic skills with her for 10 mins each day.

You can see our efforts here. https://www.facebook.com/shamrockme

I have been speaking on stage quite a bit this year, here is a cool clip if you have not seen it yet. I will post as many as I can on my Youtube Channel. If you are not subscribed, please do so, you will get notified anytime I put up a speech, training session or fight, interview; basically a whole lot is happening in my world since I decided to take the stage and speech professionally about my life.... which includes our new website here. 

I just wanted to update you on everything new that’s going on right now and invite you to follow along on the next part of my journey.

Can’t believe it’s been 24 years since Folsom Prison.  

Thank you for being a part of that journey with me…. whether as a fan or a friend.

I will check in here each week and update you, in the meantime…

Want to build a house in Mexico and change someone’s life? (Hint, that person is you!) www.warriorschallenge.us

See you there!

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P.S. What’s your Mantra? Life mission/story?

Here’s mine:

Live - seriously trying to be the best human being that I can be, experiencing as many people places and things, learning as much as possible, creating a better world with my actions, supporting a better universe with my energy

Love - loving more people with all my heart and soul, learning to love deeper, trust more, grow the family

Legend - connecting people through talks, events, mentoring, creating massive personal wealth for communities